Super Inframan (1975)

Director: Hua Shan
Starring: Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Wang Hsieh, Yuen Man-Tzu, Terry Lau Wai-Yue, Dana

Tagline: Very special! Elephant stamp!

When the Earth is attacked by Demon Princess Elzebub (Terry Lau Wai-Yue), top researcher Professor Liu Yingde (Wang Hsieh) springs into action to create someone to fight against her in the form of the Super Inframan (Danny Lee Sau-Yin) who volunteered for the role as it was his duty.

The plot is very formulaic and you can tell how everything is going to work out well in advance but it is just so fun that you can’t help but go along with it. Even the transformation sequences for Super Inframan are great as they refused to use more than once so it means he has to fly each time even if he is not moving from the spot to change.

The heroes except for Super Inframan are interchangeable, but the villains sure do stand out and earn their keep in the form of Demon Princess Elzebub, Witch Eye, Fire Dragon, Spider Monster, Plant Monster, Drill Arm, Long-Haired Monster, and Iron Armor Monsters.

The costumes are very low tech in terms of today’s high special effects movies and you can even see the zippers on them as they just couldn’t be bothered to cover them up, but they have a real spirit and sense of fun to them that you won’t find in an army of computer generated orcs.

While this movie is aimed at children, it would also be a great movie to watch along with the Demon of the Lute or Boxer’s Omen as it is in the same style of fantasy.

I thought all the actors where all pretty good and did not try to wink at the camera even with the whole thing being very silly, they were all very serious about it. I miss people not taking things seriously these days as everyone is so cynical you have to act like you are in on the joke or no one will take it seriously.

I have wanted to buy this movie for ages and even showing a short clip of Super Inframan fighting the baddies is enough for other people to want to see it too. Very fun and well worth your time.

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