God of Cookery animated GIFs

I will not be putting the GIFs straight on the page as it makes it take too long to load. Click on the link to load the animation.

"Very delicious!" (GIF, 4.35Mb)
Hard excretion (GIF, 8.48Mb)
"Sek-san!" (GIF, 1.75Mb)
Clothes explode (GIF, 717Kb)
Evil laugh (GIF, 1.8Mb)
First taste (GIF, 3.19Mb)
"Try some!" (GIF, 4.38Mb)
Eighteen bronzemen! (GIF, 5.38Mb)
"You enraged the dean!" (GIF, 2.19Mb)
Beating Stephen (GIF, 7.49Mb)
Bleeding (GIF, 2.91Mb)
Spin arms (GIF, 1.93Mb)
Frying an egg (GIF, 2.31Mb) - shorter version (GIF, 1.57Mb)
Char-siu hero shot (GIF, 5.12Mb)
Char-siu reaction full (GIF, 16Mb)
Floating Char-siu (GIF, 5.12Mb)
Rolling down Char-siu (GIF, 1.51Mb)
Blow hole (GIF, 2.96Mb)


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