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I have seen all the movies listed on this site myself and try to review everything I see at the cinema.

Included are the DVD covers for all the movies I could find so they are easier to tell apart and a link to buy each movie in case you are looking for that title to buy. If you are lucky enough to know Cantonese, I have also added the original Cantonese language title of each movie to the index pages and the reviews themselves for easy of reference.

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A Hero Never Dies - a cool movie and a great website, haven't seen a new site on HK movies for ages.

Hong Kong on Film - Tracking down the locations in Hong Kong film in the real world.

Heroic Sisterhood - Hong Kong cinema from a woman's perspective.

Podcasts I have been listening to:
Podcast on Fire - Focussing on Hong Kong and Asian cinema
Podcast Without Honour or Humanity - Asian cinema podcast
The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema - broad coverage of genre films including Asian cinema.
Silva and Gold- A wild and wooly podcast on genre cinema.

Special Features:
Shu Qi making a funny faces in Journey to the West
God of Cookery animated GIFs
Gar-Fei Cat - Love on Delivery animated GIFs
Yuen Biao goes fishing animated GIFs
Random Hong Kong Movie Title Generator
VCDs explained
Movies available from Siren Visual Entertainment
Nose Picking in Stephen Chow Movies (I can see what you are searching for!)
Hong Kong movies that kick arse! (satire)
Review of the Stephen Chow Collection: Period/Fantasy.
Hong Kong movies with CGI effects (link)
Asian Horror (link)


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